29 Pines is under new ownership!

Located in Mahtowa on Highway 61, The ALL NEW

Rugged Spruce Golf Club 

provides a welcoming gathering place that serves all golf skill levels and promotes community involvement through events and entertainment.


We will accomplish this by:

Developing strategies to maintain and improve the greens.

High quality friendly service to the patrons and the community.

Having high standards for food and beverage delivery.

Promoting events for all ages and skill levels.

Maintaining and developing social gathering spaces.



We have posted a designated snowmobile trail to the Rugged Spruce Clubhouse!!! 

Due to COVID 19 restrictions and public health concerns, we are adjusting our service and hours accordingly and will provide updates as they happen.


Rugged Spruce Clubhouse

The Clubhouse is OPEN for business.  Open at 8 a.m. - 7 DAYS A WEEK!  C'mon in and have a beverage and try our 1/3 fresh ground burgers!

Events and Entertainment

Under new ownership, the Rugged Spruce is working on plans to host some dynamic events and entertainment for the locals of Mahtowa and guests to Highway 61. Stay tuned!  Visit our Facebook page by clicking the music note!  


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2871 A, Mahtowa, MN 55707, USA


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