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Winter at the Spruce!

We not only have a marked snowmobile trail from the Willard Munger but also groom Classic Cross Country Ski trails!  Snowshoers are also welcome.  

2024 Winter updates


New 2024

3.27.24 - Believe it or not, the first groom was today at 8:47 a.m.  The wind quickly covered 40% of the trails and it was REGROOMED at 5:31 p.m.  We are not planning on grooming tomorrow and are hoping the wind dies down and the trails hold.

for 2022/2023

4.6.23 - Trail groomed at 5:55 p.m. for the last time this season.  Thanks all!

3.13.23 - Trail tracked at 11:51 a.m.

3.10.23 10:27 a.m. - Trail tracked and smooth!  Wind is filling in the track a bit.  Snow coming tomorrow!  Get it in while you can.  Chimichanga's on sale at the clubhouse, open around 4 p.m

2/24/23 3:17 p.m. - We are fortunate to have great people working for us.  The Cross Country Ski trail is now tracked.   

2/23/23 3:30 p.m. - The Spruce Cross Country trail will need to be packed and tracks set after the recent snow event.  UNFORTUNATELY, we are out of town until March 2.  I will work on getting someone out to groom, but it is unlikely at this point.  We apologize for the inconvenience.  Snowshoers and sliders welcome.

2.18.23 - 8:15 a.m - I tracked the Cross Country trail today.  The condition of the trail is good after the initial 50 feet.  The snow pack and ice provided for a hard surface that was difficult to groom.  Once I got to the unpacked snow base, the tracker dug in much better.  Please be careful in walking past the stage as much of the ground surface is icy.

2.7.23 - 1:03 p.m. - Trails tracked.

2.3.23 - 10:15 a.m. - The Cross Country trail was tracked today.  The track is a bit shallow due to the icy conditions.  It's as good as it's going to get for the weekend.

1.27.23 - 9:23 a.m. - Tracks set after snow event.

1.26.23 9:15 a.m. - Tracks set

1.22.23 10 a.m. - The ski trails were set Sunday Morning. Conditions reported as good.

1/19/23 3 p.m. -  I set the cross country track today about 3 p.m. right before the end of the snow event.  Sliding hill may need some packing but that will wait until tomorrow.

1.10.23 - 2:30 p.m. - Due to your patronage and feedback, we were able to purchase a new track setter today.  The inagural track was set today with the new groomer and was much deeper than before and will make for a much better skiing experience.  There is now only one track that is groomed, but that is all you need!   C'mon out and check it out.

1/6/23 5 p.m. - Trail Update:  The trails are all packed and groomed as well as can be.  Still need to make modifications to the groomer for a deeper track.  It is skiable and we are getting there.  Thank you for all of the feedback. 

The Sliding Hill is also open for business.  It may take a while to get the speed back, but it's packed well.  

Snowshoers can have at it.  Plenty of room on the groomed path or the deeper snow.

1.6.23 1 p.m. - Trails are packed and will be groomed this afternoon and tomorrow morning for skiing/snowshoeing/sliding tomorrow.

1.5.23 5:37 p.m.  We were unable to pack today. We will try again tomorrow morning.  

1.4.23 6:25 p.m. - Cross Country Skiing Trails:  We went out to pack this evening and the snow was blinding.  We will wait until tomorrow to pack the trails.  After packing, we are hoping to groom on Friday morning.


Snowshoeing:  We are trying to expand the snowmobile trails for snowshoeing.  We are also considering just packing a different trail with the snowmobile.  We should be more clear on Friday.


Sliding Hill:  We will also try to pack the sliding hill for action on Friday.   The snow is very deep out there and we're hoping for favorable results.

12.28.2022 (10:28 a.m.) - The cross country ski trails are groomed and are ready for action.  It's turning into more of a science now than a re-fabricating era.  Please give us feedback on the condition so we can make improvements.  Please park in the parking lot and follow the trail behind the stage for entry.  The sliding hill on Hole 7 fairway is packed.  It's wide enough for multiple sleds and the walk up the hill might not be too bad!  Please park snowmobiles at the top of the 7 fairway off of the groomed marked snowmobile trail.  Be cautious for snowmobile traffic.  Please refrain from snowmobiling on the course.  There are lots of reasons why, including your safety.  Snowshoers, please feel free to travel anywhere but the greens and the cross country ski tracks.  Do your best as it may be a challenge in some spots and enjoy!!!

 12.25.2022 - The ski trails are impassible now due to the heavy winds, cold and snow.  I will be out tomorrow to attempt more packing and grooming.  I will send an update tomorrow afternoon.


Note:  We had a family member brave the elements today and it was dangerous.  The trail is unrecognizable and deep snow can really cause an emergency situation in a hurry.  Hoping tomorrow will bring better weather and we will be able to get back at it.

12.21.22 8 a.m. - We had 4 skiers out yesterday!!! and the feedback was favorable.  The inside trail from Holes 1 to 6 is groomed with tracks.  The tracks didn't set too deep but it is still skiable.  We are planning a slight modification to the groomer which should help.  The Hole 7-9 trail across the snowmobile trail, is groomed flat.   I didn't groom below the #8 tee box close to the Munger due to the deeper snow and getting stuck several times.  I'm also starting to groom flat down the 7 fairway for sledding. 

12/19/22 4:30 p.m. - The initial groom was moderately successful.  The cross country trail is set through most of the course.  



  • You are welcome to come out and ski!

  • We have to make some modifications to the groomer as it got stuck several times.  If you didn't love me by now, I'm requesting to consider it.

  • The new snow may cover up the initial groom and I may have to groom again tomorrow.

  • Snowshoers:  Please feel free to snowshoe respecting the ski trail.  I started the snowshoe trail toward the #1 green and eventually hooking up with the ski trail.  Please do your best to stay off the cross country tracks if you come out.  


Thanks for all of your support.  It's a bigger job than expected and would feel so much better if you came out and tried it.  No cost, just feedback.

  • Skiers can either park in the main parking lot or enter the second driveway and park by the maintenance shed.  The entry point is behind the stage, between the clubhouse and the maintenance shed.  It will always be plowed and/or shoveled for easy access.

  • The entrance to the trail crosses the hole 1 fairway and runs up and down the first few fairways before heading to hole 5 and up and down hole 6.

  • The Red part of the trail in the picture is contained in the first six holes so if you don't want to cross the snowmobile trail, you can stay in the interior loop.

  • The Blue part of the trail in the picture crosses the snowmobile trail by the hole 6 green/behind the 7 tee box.  It runs down the 8 fairway behind the 8 tee box.  It then runs down the 9 fairway, circling back to the trail crossing behind the 8 green and 7 tee box.

  • I will do a better job as we go marking the trail crossing.

  • I'm also planning to pack the Hole 7 hill down for sliding before next weekend.

  • Snowmobilers, please stay on the marked trail.

12.18.22 Update:  The trails were packed yesterday.  Planning to set track Monday or Tuesday this week.





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